Learn more Verbs. Breakfast English

Some less common verbs today like ‘peck’ and ‘reach’ .



A bird pecks at its food.

A kiss on the cheek is called ‘a peck’


I pecked

He/she/it pecked

They/Us pecked


You must reach for the moon if you want to succeed.

I can’t reach the box because it is too high.

Getting an A* in English is within your reach.


I reached

You reached

He/she/it reached

We / they reached


Please take this letter to the Post Office for me.

Take it to the cashier.

I am going to take the dog for a walk.

You must take your turn in the queue.


I took

You took

She/He\It took

They/Us took


I am in the play at the theatre.

Will you play a game with me?

Stop playing with your food.

He is playing football tomorrow.


I was

She/he/it was

You were

They were

We were


I’m going for a ride on my bike.

She is riding her bicycles.

He is at the Riding Stables.


I rode

She/he/it rode

They rode

We rode


I want to go on the swings.

She is swinging very high.

It was a really cool swinging party.

The swinging 60’s


I swung

He/she/it swung

We /They swung

To play.

Present: I am playing

You/she/he. Is playing

They/we Are playing.


I played

She/he/it played

They played

We played


This Morning I Got Up

Narrated by native English speaker.

Using the past tense to describe a morning routine.

Follow the link below for the video lesson:

This Morning I Got Up

This morning I got up at ten minutes to six.

I drew the curtains

The sun was rising.

I lit the fire.

I boiled some eggs.

I boiled the kettle.

I toasted the bread.

Then I had my breakfast and watched the news.

Verbs: to get up,

To boil

To draw

To light

To make

To eat

To watch

Breakfast English. Lesson Four 4

The verb, ‘to have’

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The Birthday 

Good for the Past Tense.  A narrated story book. 

This is a simple description of a traditional English Birthday and Birthday Party for a young child. 

Birthdays are very similar wherever you live. There are , however, usually a few traditions which are not common. 

In this video the children play traditional English musical games.

They also pull ‘CRACKERS.’ 

I apologise for this video being very ‘girly ‘!  I originally drew the pictures and made the book for a little girl’s birthday!