Going Away

For Children

Georgie is going to London.

Freddie asks her lots of questions about her trip.


A good way to learn how ask and answer questions.

Each clip is narrated and has the sentences written on the screen.

The ‘question’ words are in capital letters on the transcript.


Where is the spider? Where is Georgie ?

For very young children. With Italian translation.

Where is Georgie? Where is the spider?

In the box? Under the box?

Click on this link for the lesson: Where is Georgie. Where is the spider?

FEELINGS? How are you today? 

How are you today?  

It is easy to say ‘Va bene’ or ‘I am ok’ .

But young children find it difficult to express how they are feeling. They may not even know how they feel!  

It’s difficult enough in their own language so how hard must it be in a new language? 

Making faces from plastic plates showing the different feelings helps children not just to learn a new language but also gives parents and teachers an opportunity to help youngsters to express their emotions. To understand them. To know that their feelings are normal. The eyes can be either stuck on or you can use a permanent marker. 

Kids will have lots of fun telling stories and dramas using the plastic faces. It helps if the faces are mounted onto rulers first. 

There is a programme on feelings for children on my channel here:  Link to FEELINGS programme