The TH sound. Freaky!

Breakfast English

Lesson 22.

Practising reading words with the ‘th’ sound.

Full lesson on video below:

Lesson two of tricky words



English has some very tricky words.

For example, words ending in ‘ed’ can be pronounced in three different ways.

This is the first of five programmes on pronounciation.

The first video lesson can be reached from the link below:


Blow painting

This lesson was such fun AND the kids not only learnt new vocabulary and verbs they USED them too.

I demonstrated the verbs …to drip/ to blow/ to spread.

Then the children made their first painting ..a face.

We talked about the new colours we had made and the ‘spikey’ hair.

Then, in pairs, the children instructed each other to make a second picture. Here is one.

Fun with Nursery Rhymesj

Language is musical.

Every language has a unique pattern and rhythm.

Reciting Nursery Rhymes helps you learn that pattern. It also helps pronounciation. This Spring I have mounted a special Nursery Rhyme Display outside my house (Jumble House) in Castel Rigone, Umbria to encourage local children to enjoy having fun learning and using English.

Look at this one :

Hickory Dickory Dock.

The mouse ran up the clock.

The clock struck one.


The mouse ran down.

Hickory Dickory Dock.

Tick. Tock.


This Morning I Got Up

Narrated by native English speaker.

Using the past tense to describe a morning routine.

Follow the link below for the video lesson:

This Morning I Got Up

This morning I got up at ten minutes to six.

I drew the curtains

The sun was rising.

I lit the fire.

I boiled some eggs.

I boiled the kettle.

I toasted the bread.

Then I had my breakfast and watched the news.

Verbs: to get up,

To boil

To draw

To light

To make

To eat

To watch