Hi! My name is Judi.

I am a native English speaker with many years experience teaching in Primary, Secondary and Adult education in the UK.

I now live in Umbria, Italy where, in addition to writing books for children, I teach English to groups and individuals.

You will see that some of my video lessons have Italian translations.  This is in response to requests from my friends and neighbours here in Umbria.  This should not, however, deter children from other countries enjoying and benefitting from these lessons.

I believe that the most effective and fun way to learn English is by absorption. By watching, listening and copying. NOT by learning grammar from a book!

Children should be happy to ‘have a go’ at speaking English and not be so scared of getting the grammar wrong that they become ‘tongue-tied’.

My Channel provides this opportunity and my puppets, The JUMBLES make the experience much more fun for younger subscribers.  Some of the video lessons have Italian subtitles. They are, however suitable for anyone learning English.

I have a second website. http://www.jumblefun.net  with stories, art, craft and creative thinking projects for children.

Once youngsters are more confident in The English language they will be able to enjoy these resources too.
Please click on the link below to visit my English Channel. I hope you will like it and subscribe.

My Channel

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