This Morning I Got Up

Narrated by native English speaker.

Using the past tense to describe a morning routine.

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This Morning I Got Up

This morning I got up at ten minutes to six.

I drew the curtains

The sun was rising.

I lit the fire.

I boiled some eggs.

I boiled the kettle.

I toasted the bread.

Then I had my breakfast and watched the news.

Verbs: to get up,

To boil

To draw

To light

To make

To eat

To watch


Adjectives. Textures. How things FEEL

Bristly. A bristly brush. This FEELS bristly.

Squashy. A squashy orange. This FEELS prickly.

Prickly. A prickly chestnut. This FEELS prickly.

Follow this link for the lesson on texture.

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