Asking a Question. Lesson One. Present Tense.

Easy ways to ask a Question in English

Every sentence needs a question Word, a link verb and a subject.

Question Words:

Which? Where? What? When? Why? Who? How?


Question Words: Which. What. Who. Where.

Link verbs (auxiliary verbs): is. do. does.


You. He. She. It. Their. Our.

Which is (your, his, her, their, our, the) hotel?

Which is (your, his, her, their, our, ) car?

Which do (you) think is best?

Which Wine (do) you recommend?

What is ( your, his, her, their, our) plan today?

What is (your, his, her, their) name?

What is (the) time?

What is (the weather) like?

What is the dish of the day?

What is the price?

What do (you, they) do at the weekend?

What time do (you, they) get up?

What cakes do (you, they). like best?

What does (he, she, Luigi, Sam) think about the holiday?

What does (he, she, John) like to drink?

Who is that girl?

Who is the winner?

Who is the best swimmer?

Who drank my beer?

Who took my coat?

Where do (you, they,) live?

Where do (you, they ) work?

Where do (you, they) like to eat?

Where does (he, she,) live?

Where does (he, she) work?

How do (you , they,) like the hotel?

How do (I, we) get to the Hotel?

How do (I , We) pay for the Hotel?

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