A Narrated Book: ‘Pedro Pear’

Listening to a narrated book is a good way to improve understanding and pronunciation.

Books written for children are a good way to start.

This book is one of five I wrote during a series of workshops on story writing for children.


The UK government likes giving us advice on nutrition. Advice which they usually change every few years! One piece of advice was to eat FIVE pieces of fruit or vegetables A DAY. The characters in this book are fruit and vegetable people. This is why I named their hill, FIVE A DAY HILL. Now I think the Government advice is to eat TEN portions of fruit or veg. a day! So if I rewrote this book I would have to call (name) the hill, TEN A DAY HILL! But it doesn’t sound as nice!

I hope you enjoy the story. There are many more plus art, science and cookery programmes on my English Learning Channel : JumbleFun Channel


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