Food! Lesson Two 

This is the second lesson of three on food for children who are learning to speak English. 

The video programme introduces a variety of different foods plus phrases used at the table. 

It is presented by Lizzie Witch and the JUMBLE Toys and is sure to be a ‘hit’ with young children who will enjoy interacting and responding. 

I believe that young children should learn to speak English  naturally through play activities. Through watching, listening, copying, doing and not ‘by the book’ .  Grammar can wait. It’s more important to enjoy and have the confidence to communicate. 

Suggestions for parents and teachers:

Set up a ‘role play’ area. A table with some ‘play’ foods or pictures of food so they can act out the scenes shown on the video. 

Foods can be modelled from playdough. 

For older children make labels of the different foods. 

Make a snakes and ladders game with pictures of different foods. 

Use the vocabulary at meal times and when you go shopping. 

The best way to learn anything is to teach it!  A toy school can be set up with your child as the teacher. 
Click on this link for the video lesson: 
                  Food. Lesson Two

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